The Importance of DOT Physicals for Road Safety


Keep the Roads Safe

Commercial Drivers

When you decide you want to become a commercial driver the first step you need to take is apply for a commercial driver’s license. You will need to meet certain basic eligibility criteria and pass necessary commercial driver’s license tests. Once you obtain your commercial driver’s license you will need to undergo a DOT physical before you can operate a commercial vehicle. A DOT physical is vital for road safety. It helps address potential health issues that could compromise a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle. Therefore, an examination is super important in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. 

What Exactly is a DOT Physical? 

A DOT Physical is known as Department of Transportation physicals. It is an examination required for commercial drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in the United States. It also must be conducted by a licensed medical examiner listed on the FMCSA National Registry. The purpose of a DOT physical is to check whether or not an individual is physically and mentally qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle. The primary objectives of a DOT physical includes evaluating a driver’s vision, hearing, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and overall well being. The DOT Physical is then valid for up to 24 months and the individual must undergo one every two years to both maintain their commercial vehicle license and to legally operate a commercial vehicle.

The Correlation between a Drivers Health and Road Safety 

Research has shown strong correlation between a driver’s health and their ability to drive safely while on the road. Health issues such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases, vision and hearing problems can affect a commercial driver’s performance on the road. This can be extremely dangerous to them and others they share the road with. 

First Nurses DOT Physicals

At First Nurses we have FMCSA medical examiners that are certified to provide comprehensive DOT physicals. We provide thorough assessments and any necessary documentation to meet federal and state requirements. Our DOT Physical services include urine analysis, blood pressure and pulse rate monitoring, vision and hearing tests, medical history review, and respiratory and cardiovascular health evaluations. 


In summary, DOT physicals are critical in order to ensure road safety. It ensures commercial drivers are physically and mentally fit to do their job. It’s a legal requirement but most importantly a proactive way to keep everyone on the road safe. 

If you need to undergo a DOT Physical please visit us at First Nurses. You can schedule an online appointment or give us a call today.