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Do you offer same-day care?

First Nurses is an Oregon clinic that offers same-day care to our patients. We provide them with consultations and a variety of treatments. However, we can’t accept admissions. We only cater to different outpatient issues.

I can't find the Lake Oswego location, where should I go?

We are in the same building as Cat Care Professionals at 17050 Pilkington Rd #220, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Do you have telehealth nursing and medical services?

First Nurses today is known both as an in-person healthcare facility and a telehealth clinic. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, First Nurses has offered telehealth nursing and medical services. We’ve also extended this type of approach to most of our patients, especially those who are receiving psychiatric care. We understand that some patients get too anxious during in-person consultations. 

But of course, telehealth nursing isn’t always practical. There are instances when our nursing and medical staff will have to visit patients. 

What is your medical approach like?

First Nurses is the type of facility that offers modern treatment modalities to our patients. We provide both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical approaches depending on different factors. We’ve been known for being proactive with our care. Here, we advocate early detection as well as prevention. 

Does First Nurses offer specialized care?

Unfortunately no, we do not provide specialized care at First Nurses.

What can we expect from a primary care facility?

As a primary care facility, most patients consider First Nurses as their first contact with the healthcare system. The primary care facility is in charge of taking a closer look at the patient’s overall health. From there, we determine if there is anything that would require specialized care. 

Are you currently hiring nurses and doctors?

There is a growing demand for First Nurses. Given the reputation that we have in Northwestern Oregon and Southwestern Washington, it isn’t surprising why we need to keep up and expand our manpower. 

Ideally, our organization prefers working with experienced nurses and doctors. However, we are also open to working with newly licensed professionals. But as a requirement, we want someone dedicated and passionate when it comes to their work. 

Can I receive Same Day Care as a first-time patient?

Same Day care is only for established patients during normal business hours.

Do you offer mental health care?

Yes. We offer services that cater to mental health. First Nurses use different modes of treatment in helping patients with depression and anxiety.